Thursday, November 3, 2011

What I Wrote

           Hey Makala,
     This story you wrote is a very touching story! It is also very sad to hear about the fact that that girl was adopted but didn't know till then.Well,  I hope to hear more of your story!

  Dear Chaun'te,

   This story you wrote is very sweet and full of love!
  Its very sad to hear what has happened to the mother:(
        I hope that you post more about this story so I can read more of it!

Your story is very good and impressive but also very creepy!
You should write more about it!(:

Hello Cesar!
Your poem is very good!
It looks like you will be a very good poetry writer!
Keep it up!:)

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I spy a small cabin down at the end of the trail.  I start hearing bizarre noises. My heart starts to pound like someone knocking on a door , My feet are shaking so much that I can't move. Wind floats past me like the whispers of old men talking in their dead bed.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I taught my fellow classmates about "The Rock Cycle" Which is about how the rocks are created and what their formation are. I found the information for my rock cycle by using Google  . I had the class look at different types of rocks and tell me what types of rocks they were and whether they were foliated or non-foliated
 The vocabulary words I taught to my class were: Cementation, Compaction, Foliated, Non-foliated.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Growing Beans

1)The problem with my bean was that it didn't grow much.
2)My background knowledge was that it wasn't going to grow that much
3)My hypothesis is it might grow a few inches but not a lot.
4) I think it was because I put to much water in it.
5)My hypothesis is it might grow a few inches but not a lot. 
6)Materials needed was two cups, two beans, soil, and water. 
7)I already turned in my data paper.
8) My conclusion is that I should follow the experiments instruction.
9)My Method of Extension was:
Step1:Go get your lab coats and goggles.
Step2:Put your lab coats and goggles on.
Step3:Go get two cups and two beans.
Step4:Put your names on both cups
Step5:Take your beans and go weigh them.
Step6:Put the same amounts of soil in both cups.
Step7:Put the beans in the cup then cover it up with the soil.
Step8:Go get 15 milliliters of water and pour it in the graduated cylinder.
Step9:Then take the 15 milliliters of water and pour it in one of the cups over the beans.
Step10: In the other cup, pour soda in it.
Step11:Put all the materials that you got out to use.
Step12:Wait and see what happens to the beans.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Internet safety is a major big issues upon the Internet. . .Why?, Well let me tell you why . . A lot of teenagers love to impress others on the Internet, And alot just do it for the fun of it . . . For example: A girl finds out that her "CRUSH" has a face book, So she decides to add him up, But before she adds him up, she wants to post some "naughty" pictures of herself, And so she does. . . . The next day she goes to school, while she's walking down the hallway to her class, she notices some students staring at her while giggling. . .She starts to think "What's their problem?" but then remembers what she had done that previous night. . She quickly goes on her face book to erase the picture but it was to late because it was already tagged to other face book users page. . . .So everyone, needs to know that whatever it is there gonna do on the internet, they need to be careful because not everything on the internet is safe. . . . .