Monday, August 29, 2011


Internet safety is a major big issues upon the Internet. . .Why?, Well let me tell you why . . A lot of teenagers love to impress others on the Internet, And alot just do it for the fun of it . . . For example: A girl finds out that her "CRUSH" has a face book, So she decides to add him up, But before she adds him up, she wants to post some "naughty" pictures of herself, And so she does. . . . The next day she goes to school, while she's walking down the hallway to her class, she notices some students staring at her while giggling. . .She starts to think "What's their problem?" but then remembers what she had done that previous night. . She quickly goes on her face book to erase the picture but it was to late because it was already tagged to other face book users page. . . .So everyone, needs to know that whatever it is there gonna do on the internet, they need to be careful because not everything on the internet is safe. . . . .


  1. that was great but u u should've made it longer

  2. That's a really important message, Menrinna, thanks for sharing it. I've heard that a good rule to keep in mind is "Never post anything you wouldn't want your grandmother to see." Even if you think stuff is private, you shouldn't assume that it is when you're posting online. I love the look of your blog! Keep writing!

  3. That is very true Menrinna(sp?). We often don't think about the consequences of our actions. I have come very close to posting something that would have haunted me later on. Thanks for your useful advice. I hope more people listen to it. What do you think people can do to fix a damaged reputation if they ever do get in a situation like you described?

  4. Hi ... This is such a critical issue these days and touches on many things I've been thinking about lately. In fact, I'm working on my own blog post about freedom of expression vs. safety in social media spaces and having a difficult time writing it. So it was great to see and read your post on a related topic. I especially like how you included a specific example from Facebook. Makes me think I should include specific examples in my own post.